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NOFIRNO successfully tested to seal openings in floors and walls
The risk of falling is one of the most common causes of industrial accident. A fall through an opening in a workplace floor is no longer an exception. Openings, together with gaps and joints also form a natural flue in the event of a fire. This is all the more reason to seal these openings in such a way that they are not only safe to walk on but also offer the necessary protection in the event of fire. Beele Engineering had its NOFIRNO sealing system successfully tested by Peutz for fire-resistance when used as a sealant for openings, joints and gaps, in compliance with European Technical Approval Guidelines (ETAG) 026, part 3: Fire Stopping and Fire Sealing products: Linear Joint and Gap Seals.


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New brochure on Tunnels
Beele Engineering has issued a new brochure on the expertise and sealing solutions for tunnel projects. Besides an overview of all relevant products the brochure describes a number of international projects where the Beele Engineering products were used. Copies of the new brochure can be downloaded by clicking here .

NOFIRNO sealant for bioproduct mill in Finland
In the Finnish town of Äänekoski a new manufacturing plant for bioproduct is under construction. The bioproduct mill is part of one of the world’s most efficient pulp mills with an annual production capacity of 1.3 million tonnes. NOFIRNO sealant by Beele Engineering was chosen to seal the joints in the concrete structure. This is the latest in a series of successes Beele Engineering has enjoyed in Finland within a short period of time.

bio-factory aanekoski-small.jpg
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Meet us at Tunnel operations and Maintenance conference
Beele Australasia is sponsoring the Tunnel operations and Maintenance conference that will be organised on 21st & 22nd February 2018 in the Sydney Boulevard Hotel. This two day interactive conference is designed to bring practical strategies to improve the operations of their tunnels, best prepare for fire safety incidents and improve the durability of tunnels. Meet us during the networking moments of the Conference.

NOFIRNO technology for TANAP project
European gas production has fallen strongly over the past decade as more and more dependence is being placed on supplies from far-flung places such as Azerbaijan, where we find the Shah Deniz gas field in the Caspian Sea. A new gas pipeline is currently being laid and Beele Engineering is supplying the sealing systems for the section that passes through Turkey.

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NOFIRNO system for biomass power plant
Sustainability is what it’s all about right now. And with that sustainability and care for the environment, new types of energy are undertaking a super fast advance. Wood pellets are a good example of this. For example, right now in the English Port of Tyne, the Spencer Group is creating a pellet facility to supply the power plant in Lynemouth. The plant is being converted from a coal-fired station to one running on biomass. This will bring about a dramatic reduction in NOx, SO2, dust and CO2 emissions, supporting the British government’s climate objectives. In the storage and transshipment facility Beele Engineering’s NOFIRNO sealing system for cable and pipe transits is used.


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