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Interview Mr Beele in Maritime Executive
Sealing Valley is a new concept that has been developed by Hans Beele, President of Dutch engineering specialist Beele Engineering. He will invest in a center of expertise for the advancement of fire protection and watertight sealing technology to provide the highest possible levels of safety. Modeled on Silicon Valley, Sealing Valley will create a concentrated center of know-how, with shipboard and marine safety a prime focus area. It will be here that expertise, creativity and daily installation practice will come together in a campus set-up. Beele says that Sealing Valley will strive to change the general industry safety mentality from a reactionary one to a much more proactive approach, and describes his vision in an exclusive interview with Tom Mulligan of Maritime Reporter and Engineering News.

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Kick-off Sealing Valley
The kick-off of Sealing Valley is a fact! As of today the building of our new Center of Excellence for sealing technology has begun. The first phase of the campus is expected to be realized by the end of next year. Mayor Gerritsen of Aalten and alderman Ted Kok together with Mr and Mrs Beele revealed the signs that will mark the building location. The countdown to the opening has begun!

beele sealing valley_small.jpg

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XL version of sealing plugs

Piping transits are a potential source for fire spread. Fire in one room could easily break through them into adjacent areas. Various sealing solutions are offered to prevent this happening. Standing out because of their ease of installation and effectiveness are the SLIPSIL and DYNATITE sealing plugs from Beele Engineering. The Aalten-based company has now expanded its supply range for these with an XL version. In doing so the firm has now simplified still further the ability to make pipe transits fire-resistant.

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Fire safe sealing of conduits carrying hot pipes
After dozens of years of faithful service, many offshore installations are now in their upgrade phases. Cables which have worn after being exposed to the rough conditions for years are being replaced, and the fire-resistant systems for cables and piping are being brought back up to standard. It’s this latter operation which can cause problems. For example in transits containing hot piping. Beele Engineering developed a solution for this which is not only suitable for shipbuilding and offshore, but which can also be deployed in industry and the energy sector, for instance.

The solution consists of fire-resistant sleeve sections, non-combustible, fibre-free thermal insulation-shell sections (FYLLOFYS) as an alternative to rock wool or ceramic fibre mats. These have been specially developed for fire-resistant pipe transits, and meet the provisions of the IMO FTP 2010 code . The sections are equipped with FISSIC coating with unprecedented fire-resistant properties.

To make hot piping transits fire-resistant, they must first be packed with fire-resistant sleeve sections. Then after being equipped with the coating, the shell sections can be fitted. Finally the complete entity can be finished with a specially-developed sealant which serves as a ceramic protection layer should fire occur. The system can be handled by one man, as the video below shows.

Please have a look at our latest techology for the fire safe sealing of hot pipes.

German, French and Italian brochures
Apart from the English product overview of the sealing solutions for building and industrial installations there are also German, Italian and French versions available for download. The brochures are of special interest for those who are involved in the specification, design, installation and implementation of sealing systems for firesafe and gas- and watertight conduit systems.

Please click here to download the German brochure.

Please click here to download the French brochure.

Please click here to download the Italian brochure.

Project Spotlight: Toronto Hydro
Beele Engineering started a new series of publications: the Project Spotlight. The first showcase to be presented is the sealing solution for Toronto Hydro.

Please click here to download the Project Spotlight.

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