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NOFIRNO sealings for bund walls around storage tanks
Transits and sealing systems for pipes and cables through bund walls around (storage) tanks can be exposed to serious disasters. For example, combustible substances can accumulate inside the walls as a result of a tank leak. Furthermore, in case of fire the bund wall serves as a barrier preventing the fire-fighting water from spilling over into the surroundings. In the event of such disasters, the hydrostatic pressure exerted on the transit and the sealing system increases considerably. To assure customers that the sealing system stays intact in such disaster scenarios, Beele Engineering commissioned an examination of the NOFIRNO sealing system, with positive results. The system proves to be well-suited for use as a sealing technology for transits through bund walls.
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Transfer of land plot
After months orf preparation the land plot where Sealing Valley will be built was transfered yesterday. CEO Hans Beele received a symbolic bucktet full of ground from the building plot from alderman Ted Kok. Construction can begin!

XATTAX system for safe seals in nuclear environments

Transit openings in the walls and floors of environments handling nuclear radiation can be a source of risk. Gamma radiation can find its way into adjacent areas through the transit openings, if these openings are not effectively sealed and protected. This requires a sealing system which is resistant to radioactive gamma rays. Beele Engineering has developed the XATTAX sealing system specially for this. The system’s protective effect is so good that work can now also be done closer to the reactor.

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New product overview for building and industry
A new product overview has been published with alle the sealing solutions for the building industry and industrial installations. The brochure is of special interest for those who are involved in the specification, design, installation and implementation of sealing systems for firesafe and gas- and watertight conduit systems.

Please click here to download the brochure.

Beele’s sealing technology for Facebook’s latest data centre

Following Lulea in Sweden, Facebook is currently building its second data centre outside the United States. This time, Co Meath (Ireland) has been chosen as the place to build a large complex measuring 31,000 square metres with an option for a further extension. The new data centre will be one of the most advanced and energy-efficient data centres in the world to operate on 100% sustainable energy. The latest server, storage and network technology will be applied here. The latest sealing technology of Beele Engineering was chosen for the penetration sealing.

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Kiwa Water Mark for AQUASTOP and NOFIRNO Systems

Healthy, clean, pure drinking water literally is of vital importance to humans. Not only for personal health and hygiene, but drinking water is also essential for numerous industrial applications. This is why the Kiwa Water Mark is becoming increasingly important for materials that can come into contact with drinking water. Recently, Beele Engineering's NOFIRNO rubber and sealant as well as the AQUASTOP mouldable rubber were evaluated for their suitability for drinking water applications, with positive results.

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