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Beele Engineering’s earthquake-resistant sealing system

Almost 40 years have gone by since Beele Engineering developed a sealing plug for use in the sinking ground around Maassluis. This plug made the gas pipes for residential buildings gas-tight, thus guaranteeing safety. Some four decades later and the company is still ahead of the rest, developing innovative systems for optimum sealing processes. This time it’s not for leaking gas pipes but for the reliable sealing of transits which are exposed to earthquakes and severe landslides. This new system ensures that pipes in and under buildings are better able to withstand the effects of earthquakes and land displacement. Similar to the sealing plug, the NOFIRNO system that is used for this purpose is easy to install.

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Declaration of performance added
The declarations of performance for SLIPSIL, CRUSHER and NOFIRNO have been added to the product overviews in the menu sections Building products and Marine products.

SLIPSIL installation instructions for construction added

The SLIPSIL installation instructions for the building and construction industry are added to the 'Installation' tab on the products overview page. The plugs are tested according to EN 1366-3:2009, fire classification EI-120/E-120 according to EN 13501-:2007 +AI 2009 & EN 15882-3:2009.


New flyer product overview
Beele Engineering has published a new, unique flyer that covers all the products and systems for the shipbuilding and offshore industry. An interesting feature are the integrated links to the installation videos on the Beele website. Just one click on one of the links takes the reader to these videos. The new flyer "Products of choice: sealing systems for cable and pipe transits" can be downloaded here.

SLIPSIL plugs and adapter plugs withstand a two-hour fire test for building applications
SLIPSIL plugs on their own and in combination with SLIPSIL adapters from Beele Engineering successfully passed a two-hour fire test performed in accordance with the NEN-EN 1366-3:2009 standard. The fire test was performed with lead-throughs of copper and steel tubing in a wall of cellular concrete blocks. All fourteen plug configurations successfully withstood the test and can therefore be used in all the common types of concrete and cellular concrete walls in the building sector. The integrity and thermal insulation of the SLIPSIL (adapter) plugs are, respectively, E 120-C/U and EI 120-C/U in accordance with the EN 13501-2:2007 standard.
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DYNATITE system successfully exposed to hydrostatic shock test

The DYNATITE sealing system is successfully exposed to a series of hydrostatic shock tests. The shock pressure tests up to 15 bar, were carried out under survey of American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). The test started with shock pressure of 5 bar to be hold for 30 minutes, then releasing the pressure, followed by a shock pressure of 10 bar to be hold for 30 minutes, releasing the pressure and finally a shock pressure of 15 bar to be hold for 2 hours. The pressure was released for 30 minutes and then once again 15 bar shock pressure was applied and hold for 30 minutes. Per 30 minutes the pressure was decreased in intervals of 5 bar to finally 1 bar, bringing the total test time per plug up to 6 hours. Each plug series has been exposed to 5 pressure tests, using per series smallest size (testing minimum and maximum tolerance, medium size (dto) and largest size (nominal).

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