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NOFIRNO system for tank storage terminal at hydrocarbon hotel
Beele Engineering has supplied the NOFIRNO sealing system for 11 new storage tanks at Hydrocarbon Hotel, which is being realised in the Amsterdam Western port area. The tanks are for the export and blending of petrol and the storage of petrol components and biofuels. The syndicate Henver (MNO Vervat and Hendriks infra) is performing the civil works for the project. The total capacity of the tank terminal is 140,000 m3.
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New flyer on inlet system
A new flyer on the pipe inlet system has been published. Besides a description of the system the flyer also contains installation instructions for the most important applications.
Copies of the new flyer can be downloaded here.

NOFIRNO sealing system for Finnish nuclear power plants
Beele Engineering (Aalten, the Netherlands) has supplied its NOFIRNO sealing system to the Finnish producer of electricity Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO). The system is used in all the EI60 classified areas of the two nuclear power plant units operated by TVO, Olkiluoto 1 and Olkiluoto 2 (OL1 and OL2) where a minimum pressure tightness of 1,2 bar is required.
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Beele Engineering at Gladstone Resources Industry Update Conference

Beele Engineering will be exhibiting at the 3rd Annual Gladstone Resources Industry Update Conference in Australia.The Conference will be your chance to meet all the protagonists involved in Gladstone's future progression. Meet and do business with the experts and see how Gladstone can form a financially successful element of your future strategy. And of course, discuss all your questions and problems regarding fire-safe and gas and watertight sealing of pipe and cable penetrations with our specialists.

21 - 22 June 2011 | CQUniversity, Australia - Gladstone Campus, Leo Zussino Building

New watertight sealing system for existing, leaking conduits
Beele Engineering has introduced a new sealing system that has been developed for the watertight sealing of existing, leaking conduits. The system, marketed under the name Aquastop, consists of a mouldable rubber and can be used for leaking penetrations in building and installations.
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Good results NOFIRNO during electrical resistivity test
The electrical resistivity of the fire-safe sealing system NOFIRNO has been tested recently according to IEC 60093 ‘Methods of Test for Volume Resistivity and Surface Resistivity of Solid Electrical Insulating Materials’. The volume and surface resistivity of the NOFIRNO rubber are 2.43 x 1013 respectively 2.46 x 1013 Omega. The values for the NOFIRNO sealant are 9.23 x 1012 respectively 4.13 x 1012 Omega.
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