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ACTIFOAM/ULTRA withstands 2 hours fire test at 1200 degrees Celcius
The ACTIFOAM/ULTRA sealing system of Beele Engineering has been tested according to the H-curve test, one of the most severe fire tests. The sealing system withstood a temperature of 1200 oC during two hours with peak temperatures far above 1200 oC.
The ACTIFOAM/ULTRA sealing system has been developed for applications such as tunnels where gaps have to be sealed effectively against ingress and to avoid smoke and flame spread.
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Good results NOFIRNO sealing system during electrical resistance test

The electrical resistivity of the fire-safe sealing system NOFIRNO has been tested recently according to IEC 60093  ‘Methods of Test for Volume Resistivity and Surface Resistivity of Solid Electrical Insulating Materials’. The volume and surface resistivity of the NOFIRNO rubber are 2.43 x 1013 respectively 2.46 x 1013 W. The values for the NOFIRNO sealant are 9.23 x 1012 respectively 4.13 x 1012 W.

The electrical resistivity test was carried out for a foundry with furnaces that are electrically fed by busbars with a height of 25 cm. On several locations in the building where the busbars pass through walls, a fire-safe sealing of the penetration is required. To avoid short-circuiting the sealing system has to fullfil high requirements in terms of electrical resistivity. The NOFIRNO system is such a system.

The NOFIRNO rubber has excellent properties and will not be consumed by fire. Fire tests have shown that NOFIRNO rubber is able to withstand fire and thermal loads without showing any dramatic colour change or carbonization at the unexposed side. At the exposed side the sealant will form a protective layer and char ensuring that the sealing system will remain stable and not be consumed by fire. The NOFIRNO cable and pipe sealing has been tested successfully to harshest A-0, H-0 and Jet Fire tests. Even during such harsh fire exposures, the NOFIRNO rubber stays in place. NOFIRNO is the system of choice not only for H- and J-class pipe penetrations, but also for blast wall penetrations, due to the high grade of elongation of the NOFIRNO sealant.


The NOFIRNO system can be combined with the RISE and RISE/ULTRA sealing systems for the so called MULTI-ALL-MIX® technology. This technology is approved for passing cables, metallic and plastic pipes through the same penetration - a system that combines the optimum in simplicity and effectiveness.

New product overview shipbuilding/offshore

Beele Engineering has issued a new Product Overview Book for the shipbuilding and offshore market. The booklet highlights the most popular marine products, such as:

  • RISE - proven technology for fire, gas, smoke and watertight sealing of multi-cable penetrations
  • NOFIRNO - newest sealing system for fire, gas, smoke and watertight multi-cable penetrations
  • DYNATITE - sealing technology for applications where a high degree of (instantaneous) tightness is required
  • SLIPSIL sealing plugs - proven technology for to providing fire safe, gas and watertight seals for pipe penetrations
  • NOFIRNO sealing system for pipe penetrations - approved for any combination of cable and/or metallic, GRP or plastic pipes
  • CRUSHER - the most simple and effective system for all plastic pipe penetrations.

Besides the features and applications of the sealing systems, the booklet also contains detailled installation instructions. For ease of ordering, the new brochure contains tables with all product types and their resp. article number. Copies of the new Product Overview Marine can be ordered via

Dubai drydock chooses NOFIRNO for seismic vessel

Dubai Drydock World has completed the seismic vessel WG Cook that was built for WesternGeco. The WG Cook incorporates the innovative X-bow hull design which is reputed to offer exceptional performance in speed, fuel efficiency and reduced noise and vibration. The vessel also complies with DNV Clean Design to ensure minimum emissions.

The NOFIRNO system was chosen for the sealing of the pipe penetrations on board the seismic vessel. The system prevents corrosion inside the penetration and offers the longest service life and best Total Cost of Ownership on the market.

New pipe inlets for onshore market

Obtaining water tightness of conduits in buildings and installations is an ever growing problem. The problem already starts with creating an opening in concrete for passing cables and pipes through. Too often a piece of plastic pipe is casted into the concrete. Most of these pipes get loose after hardening of the concrete.

To overcome these problems, Beele Engineering has developed an embedded pipe system with pipe inlets, that are exactly fitting for the SLIPSIL sealing plugs. The inlets are provided with a collar that acts as a water barrier and fixation into the concrete. The system comes with adjustment pipes that enable the installer to adjust the embedded pipe system to the width of the formwork for casting the concrete. The adjustment pipes fit at the back of the pipe inlet and can be cut to size at site. At the other side a pipe inlet will fit to enable application of the SLIPSIL plugs at both sides. The set of inlets and adjustment pipe can be fixed to the wooden plates of the form work with specially developed fixations. The system is very stable and the material used is impact resistant to cope with the load when the concrete is vibrated to density.

Welcome to SMM 2010
Will you be visiting the SMM trade fair from 7 - 10 September in Hamburg, Germany? Please visit hall 6B / stand number 659 where the products of BEELE Engineering will be shown.

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