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New DYNATITE brochure
A new brochure on the DYNATITE sealing system has been published. The system is primarily suitable for all situations in which a sudden pressure exposure could occur (floodings, explosions, etc.). The objective of the DYNATITE system is not only to hold multi-cable and pipe transits in situ, but also completely tight. Typical application areas are the columns of semi-submersible rigs, hazardous areas as blast walls, explosion proof areas, subsea applications and all those situations where a (sudden) substantial pressure might arise. Copies of the new brochure can be ordered via e-mail.

RISE and SLIPSIL for largest yacht
The RISE rapid sealing system and SLIPSIL sealing plugs are used on board the The Cakewalk for the firesafe and gas and watertight sealing of cable and pipe penetrations. The Cakewalk is the largest yacht (by volume) ever built in the U.S. and was launched recently. The six deck. 2,998 gross ton vessel floated off Derecktor's new 4000 ton dry-dock into the waters of Bridgeport harbor. She is scheduled to make her much-awaited debut at the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show in October.

Newbuilding and extension of production facilities
 With the installation of the new machines, time has come to start with the newbuilding and extension of our production facilities. Against all market trends, Beele Engineering will start the newbuilding within the next months. The opening of the new production facilities is planned for the spring of 2011

Onshore success on watertightness
More and more companies turn to the Beele systems when it comes to watertightness. Water leakages must be prevented under all circumstances. After all, leaking water means not only a nuisance but in most cases damage as well. Corrosion damage caused by leaking cable and pipe entries runs into hundreds of millions of dollars per year. What is more, leaking entries can also allow gas to penetrate, leading to the potential threat of explosions. Most measures that are taken against water leakage are not 100% effective. For more than 35 years Beele Engineering is specialized in the field of watertightness and today offers a broad range of special-purpose products and systems. One of these systems is the RISWAT system ( The system can be applied both on new penetrations as well as leaking, existing conduits. More information on watertightness? Beele Engineering has published a new flyer on its watertight solutions recently. Copies of the leaflet can be ordered via

Further growth of production capacity
After 4 weeks of try-outs and testing, two new injection machines were installed most recently. The machines are used for the automatic production of RISE multi-filler sleeves. Especially designed by and for Beele Engineering, the machines are capable of producing thousands of multi-sleeves per week.

RISE for Kuwait Navy patral boats
Beele Engineering has secured a project for 10 Kuwait Navy Patrol Boats. All cable penetrations onboard the boats will be sealed with the firesafe sealing system RISE. The vessels are designed for coastal patrol and interdiction, and other special operations at sea.The Kuwait Navy is the next navy on the impressive list of naval references of Beele Engineering.

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