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NOFIRNO for gaps

The application of the NOFIRNO sealing system for pipe penetrations has been extended lately as a sealing system for gaps as might be present between floors and blast walls on offshore constructions. Based on the superb NOFIRNO technology, the distance between the blast wall and the coaming on the floor could be minimized.

The installation is similar as for the pipe penetrations; inserting NOFIRNO filler sleeves into the opening between the wall and the coaming and finishing with NOFIRNO sealant at both sides - that is it.
A new brochure of this system has been published recently. The new brochure covers the types of filler sleeves, the data of the  sealant and the installation instructions.

High-tech conduit sleeves for DYNATITE
Beele Engineering has extended its dynamic sealing system DYNATITE with conduit sleeves for application in harsh environments and salt water. The conduit sleeves are available in three types that can be welded (new installations), bolted or screwed (existing installations) to the partition or wall.
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NOFIRNO for very large pipe penetrations

For the NOFIRNO pipe penetrations we have an EN classification for the building industry as well as A- and H-class certificates for the marine and offshore industry. Following the successful Jet Fire Test, several Design Verification Reports have been issued to apply the system in J-rated constructions.

Based on the requirements of a large international project, assessments have been carried out for the application of NOFIRNO for very large pipes. The assessments are:

  • Field of Application Report PAR/10034/01: NOFIRNO seal system for steel pipes with diameters between 21 mm and 1200 mm when installed in concrete wall constructions for 120 minutes fire resistance to BS476: Part 22:1987 and EN1366-3.
  • Field of Application Report PAR/10034/02: NOFIRNO seal system for steel pipes with diameters between 21 mm and 1200 mm when installed in concrete wall constructions for 240 minutes fire resistance to BS476: Part 22:1987 and EN1366-3.

Extender Frame doubles ducting capacity

The soaring cost of maintenance is prompting ship owners to adopt the RISE Extender Frame that can be retrofitted onto cable and pipe transits on ships and offshore installations. The extender frames were designed for the purpose of upgrading existing conventional conduit systems to the RISE system. The frames not only make it easier to remove or add cables and thus reduce maintenance costs, but also instantly doubles the usable space inside any block system transit frame.

The RISE Extender Frame can be used for all A0 - A60 multi-cable transits. Application of the extension frame yields not only all the convenience of the RISE system but it also make extra insulation at the front of the penetration and/or in between the cables unnecessary. More information on the system can be found on our website

New: NOFIRNO gaskets
For applications in which the transits, coamings or conduit sleeves are bolted to the partition we now offer the NOFIRNO gaskets and rubber sheets. The gaskets are successfully tested for A-class RISE, RIACNOF and NOFIRNO sealing systems for multi-cable and pipe transits bolted to the partitions. The NOFIRNO rubber will remain stable and not be consumed by fire. The rubber has excellent resistance against UV, Ozone and weathering and can be used in a temperature range from -50 °C up to +180 °C.

New product overview brochure

A new brochure, presenting an overview of our sealing systems for the marine market, has been published. The brochure includes a presentation and detailed installation instructions of:

  • RISE multi cable transit system
  • RISE/NOFIRNO multi-cable transit sealing system
  •  NOFIRNO (multi-) pipe transit sealing system
  • RISE/ULTRA (multi-) plastic pipe transit sealing system
  • NOFIRNO multi-all-mix transit sealing system
  • SLIPSIL sealing plugs for pipe penetrations
  • DYNATITE sealing plugs for high pressure ratings
  • SLIPSIL/DYNATITE sealing plugs for installation from one side
  • SLIPSIL sealing plugs for plastic pipe penetrations

Copies of the new brochure can be ordered via mailto: ?subject=New%20product%20overview%20brochure

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