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NOFIRNO sealing system fit for arctic applications

Vessels and offshore installations operating in the arctic zones are posed to greater risks for accidents because of the extreme conditions with ice, darkness and fog. Meanwhile the arctic conditions require installations and systems that meet the highest standards in terms of mechanical properties and long term behaviour. For these conditions Beele Engineering's NOFIRNO sealing system offers an excellent solution. NOFIRNO can be used in temperatures ranging from -50 oC upto +180 oC making it the ultimate system for artic applications as well as steam lines. Even under arctic conditions the NOFIRNO sealant remains flexible, allowing substantial movement of the ducted pipe within the conduit while offering high pressure ratings feasible for gas and/or watertight penetrations.

NOFIRNO is the newest generation sealing system based on the NOFIRNO rubber that has excellent properties regarding exposure to fire and excessive temperatures and is designed to meet today's shipbuilding and offshore requirements. One of these requirements is a long service lifetime of sealing the system. NOFIRNO has been designed to guarantee performance for decades and offers a service life of over 20 years, even under arctic conditions. The unique service lifetime is based on the high quality of the NOFIRNO components that are made in Beele Engineering's own factory using the most advanced silocone rubber grades. The system is resistant to weathering, UV, ozone, shock and vibration.

NOFIRNO is tested according to IMO Resolution A.754(18) and approved for heavy duty A0 and H0 multi-cable and pipe transits (bulkheads/decks) without the use of any kind of insulation. The system can be easily combined with various other systems of Beele Engineering for the so-called MULTI-ALL-MIX system for ducting all types of pipes and cables through a single conduit. In fact NOFIRNO is the first sealing system that is approved for any combination of cable, metallic or plastic pipes. Even approved for ducting bundled LAN cables, enabling considerable savings on installation time. The sealing system also has successfully completed a jet fire test, making it the system of choice for highest fire ratings and harshest environments.

The NOFIRNO system contains no metal parts and is approved water tight thus avoiding corrosion on the pipe work as well as (invisible) corrosion within the penetration.

Update calculation software
The calculation software for NOFIRNO, RISE and RISWAT has been updated. For the latest version of the software just simply start the program Transit Calculator and it will prompt that a new version is available. By clicking on OK the latest version will be downloaded automatically.

If you still not have the calculations software available on your computer, please go to the RISE website  where you can download a copy.

ACTIFOAM developments
For an offshore project where modules are put on top of each other and the openings in between the modules should be sealed, BEELE Engineering has developed 'gaskets' based on ACTIFOAM with a thickness of 80mm. The gaskets are based on a unique sandwich construction of RISE/ULTRA and ACTIFOAM sheets with high tech features. The combined layers offer an enormous stability and can carry a load of 12.5 tons/m2.

The sandwich construction has been tested successfully for two hours H-class. Also a hose stream test was carried out with positive results. A Jet Fire test on this unique material is planned for next year.

RISE for high-performance stimulation vessel
The fire safe sealing system RISE is used for all pipe and cable penetrations on board the Blue Dolphin. BJ Services has launched this high-performance stimulation vessel for oil and gas wells in the Lower Tertiary and other Gulf of Mexico formations. The vessel is custom-designed to provide 20,000 psi (138 MPa) working pressure via multiple Coflexip reeled flexible umbilical lines. Together with accommodations for up to 45 crew members, the vessel can perform large-volume, high-pressure stimulation operations for multi-zone or multi-well operations.

RISWAT keeps business center dry
The RISWAT sealing system was used for the watertight sealing of existing cable penetrations in the Austrian business park ‘Modecenterstrasse 17-19’ (Vienna). The cables varied in type and OD and even ran in curves. Nevertheless, the penetrations could be sealed with RISWAT.

The RISWAT system is used to provide water and gas tight seals for transit openings carrying multiple cables and for ducting pipes that have to be able to move in all directions. The system, requires relatively little space to install and is suitable for the sealing of both new and existing transit openings. What is more, RISWAT even provides a dependable sealing where cables run in curves. More information on the RISWAT system can be found on this website

Coded ACTIFOAM material
Most recently a new coding machine has been installed for the ACTIFOAM sheets. This means that future deliveries of ACTIFOAM material have a code on it. The code is used for ease of recognition.

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