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RISE/NOFIRNO: newest generation sealing system approved for harshest fire ratings for metallic and G
RISE/NOFIRNO allows substantial movement of the ducted pipe within the conduit and offers high pressure ratings feasible for gas and/or watertight penetrations. The system is based on the NOFIRNO rubber and sealant that have excellent properties regarding exposure to fire and excessive temperatures. Fire tests have shown that NOFIRNO rubber is able to withstand fire and thermal loads without showing any dramatic colour change or carbonization at the unexposed side. At the exposed side the sealant will form a protective layer and char ensuring that the sealing system will remain stable and not be consumed by fire.

Hans Beele, president of Beele Engineering, explains the backgrounds of the new sealing system: “RISE/NOFIRNO has been developed as an answer to the demands of the offshore industry. Offshore installations have a life time of many, many years and require a sealing system with a long service lifetime. RISE/NOFIRNO has been designed to exclude stress relaxation of the components, guaranteeing performance for decades and a service life of over 20 years.” RISE/NOFIRNO is resistant to weathering, UV and ozone and is capable of absorbing temperature changes. Besides, the system is shock and vibration resistant and can be used in wide range of temperatures (-50 oC upto +180 oC). That means that the system can both be used for steam lines and for arctic applications. The unique service lifetime is based on the high quality of the system components. All RISE/NOFIRNO components are totally halogen free and are made in Beele Engineering’s own factory under stringent ISO quality system.

“RISE/NOFIRNO contains no metal parts”, according to Hans Beele. “That means that corrosion on the pipe work is avoided. The system is approved water tight as well and thus avoids (invisible) corrosion within the penetration.”

EC (MED) certificates according to the European Union Council Directive 96/98 EC on Marine Equipment have been issued for the RISE/NOFIRNO system by Det Norske Veritas.

Beele Engineering sets foot on Swedish fire safety market
As the marketleader in innovative fire safety solutions, Beele Engineering is very pleased with the new operations in Sweden. Mr. Hans Beele: “After investing heavily in our production facilities it is now time to expand our markets.” The development, test and production facilities of the company are among the most advanced in the world. “The industrial, building, offshore and maritime potential of the Swedish market allow a strong local presence.”

In the past decades Beele Engineering developed and marketed a wide variety of solutions for minimizing the risks of fire and water. Thirty-five years after the company's founding, its products are arguably the benchmark for quality in the field of cable and pipe transits. The broad range of products protect crew, assets and installations. Products of Beele Engineering have obtained MED (EC) and Type Approval Certificates as well as EN 13501-2:2003 fire classification for use in the building industry.

Among the products are the RISE/NOFIRNO multi-all-mix sealing system that is approved for harshest fire ratings for pipe penetrations (A, H and Jet Fire class) and the Crusher sealing technology for a multiple mixture of all kinds of plastic pipes. Other products are the proven RISE system for fire, gas, smoke and watertight sealing of multi-cable penetrations as well as the SLIPSIL sealing plug that is designed to provide fire safe, gas and watertight seals for transits carrying single or multiple metal pipes with the same diameter (hydraulic and pneumatic lines).

SLIPSIL sealing plugs for accomodation module
Both SLIPSIL sealing plugs and the fire safe RISE system are used for sealing all the pipe penetrations including GRE and plastic pipes in the accomodation platforms destined for the offshore Al Shaheen Field, Block 5, Qatar. The work is carried out by Lowestoft based SLP Engineering Ltd. on behalf of Maersk Oil Qatar AS. The work comprises one accomodation platform for 119 men, one accomodation platform for 89 men, 4 accomodation platforms each for 36 men as well as interconnecting bridges.

The RISE metallic and plastic pipe sealing system, is one of the most adaptive systems for sealing all pipe penetrations including excentrical and angled pipe penetrations. The few materials and components that are required for the RISE system make installation very quick and easy. SLIPSIL, the new generation sealing plugs, is designed to provide fire safe and gas and water tight seals for transits carrying single or multiple plastic or metal pipes. Compared to other sealing plugs the SLIPSIL plug is even easier to install. The plugs can already be exposed to high pressures immediately after installation.

RISE on order for schooner
RISE is on order for a 42 m. schooner being built by Dockyard of Dream Ship Victory Ltd., located in Bozburun, the historic center of the wooden shipbuilding in Turkey. The RISE system will be used by Floattech for the sealing of multi-cable penetrations through water tight bulk heads and bulk heads of the machine room.

Type 45 destroyer
The Royal Navy's newest warship, the Type 45 Destroyer HMS Dauntless was launched on 23 January, fully equipped with RISE and CSD plugs. HMS Dauntless is the second of the new Type 45 class of Anti-Air Warfare Destroyers. The type 45s are some of the most powerful destroyers ever built for the Royal Navy; they can sail over 600 miles a day and operate around the globe. Dauntless will support global offensive and peacekeeping operations, combat drug smugglers and deliver humanitarian aid.

This latest launch is part of an ongoing successful partnership with the Royal Navy. The full range of Beele products has been extensively tested under the most extreme conditions, to prove their suitability for surface ships and submarine applications, offering a lightweight space efficient solution and guaranteeing the highest level of safety for Naval vessels and their personnel.

RISE for pipe penetrations prefabricated cabins
Aker Yards Cabins, specialist in turn-key deliveries of cabin areas for all kinds of passenger ships, has chosen RISE for the sealing of pipe penetrations on board the cabins. The prefabricated cabin concept means quicker completion and lower capital expenditure for the customer. The design of the cabin units is customized down to the smallest details, to meet the customer's wishes regarding lay-out, interior design and materials. The modules can be installed in newbuildings and conversion vessels, as completely furnished units, and are also suitable for semi-modular installation. The RISE system enables short installation times, thus minimizing installation costs. RISE has undergone tests world-wide under the toughest possible conditions.

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