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NOFIRNO system for tank storage terminal at hydrocarbon hotel
Beele Engineering has supplied the NOFIRNO sealing system for 11 new storage tanks at Hydrocarbon Hotel, which is being realised in the Amsterdam Western port area. The tanks are for the export and blending of petrol and the storage of petrol components and biofuels. The syndicate Henver (MNO Vervat and Hendriks infra) is performing the civil works for the project. The total capacity of the tank terminal is 140,000 m3.
The 11 tanks were built on a foundation of 134 prefab piles and 3,800 so-called high-speed piles (HSPs). It is the first time that HSPs have been used for storage tanks. Steel sheet piling was installed around the tanks, whilst the ground was covered with a liquid-proof mat. This created a safe and reliable receiving area for the petrol components and biofuels in the event of accidental leakage from the tank.

The petrol components and biofuels will be pumped from a central pumping cellar. The pipes for this pass through the steel sheet piling at 28 points. To seal these effectively, use was made of the NOFIRNO sealing system from Beele Engineering. The choice of this system is explained by Hubert Otten of MNO Vervat: "The sheet piling must ensure that the tank grounds are sealed in the event something goes wrong. With a relatively short construction time and pipework that can suffer from cavitations due to pumping, a sealing system was needed that is quick to install and remains reliable at all times even under the worst possible circumstances. The NOFIRNO system from Beele Engineering was found to meet the criteria and was also the most interesting solution from a price point of view." The NOFIRNO system contains no metal parts and is absolutely water-tight. This prevents corrosion to pipework and (invisible) corrosion in the lead-through.

The NOFIRNO sealing system ensures a liquid-tight, gas-tight and fire-proof sealing of cable and pipe lead-throughs. The system has been intensively tested; for example, the system has been successfully exposed to a jet-fire test in accordance with ISO 22899-1:2007 and ISO/CD 22899-2 and the system was successfully tested in accordance with EN1366-3:2004 and approved in accordance with EN13501-2:2003 (NEN 6069).