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Kick-off Sealing Valley
The kick-off of Sealing Valley is a fact! As of today the building of our new Center of Excellence for sealing technology has begun. The first phase of the campus is expected to be realized by the end of next year. Mayor Gerritsen of Aalten and alderman Ted Kok together with Mr and Mrs Beele revealed the signs that will mark the building location. The countdown to the opening has begun!

beele sealing valley_small.jpg

20 September saw the kick-off for Sealing Valley – a Centre of Excellence where production, research, development, training and the transfer of knowledge on sealing technologies, fire safety and waterproofing all come together. This unique new campus, a privately-financed initiative, is the culmination of Beele Engineering’s ongoing aspiration to make the world a safer place in terms of fire and water protection.

Certainly everyone is aware of just how vital safety is. But it is not always apparent that at the same time safety can’t simply be taken for granted. Far too often, it is just assumed that ‘everything will be properly taken care of by someone else.’ Tragic real-life cases prove precisely the opposite. One explanation for this could be the complexity of the professional fire safety and waterproofing fields.

It’s also not entirely certain that the certificates and approvals which are issued for fire and water protection products are clear enough to guarantee the functionality of products and systems in practice. Day-to-day reality has shown that there is substantial room for improvement in this respect. The implementation of regulations and certification procedures is an almost impossible task for an SME. Alongside researching and developing new technologies, the decision was made to take the initiative to intensify professional education, training and knowledge transfers with the market, in close institutional collaboration. To set this up between established players with which Beele also has a dependent relationship, will certainly demand some diplomatic footwork.

Beele Engineering has demonstrated its involvement in solutions guaranteeing fire resistance and waterproofing in the day-to-day environment for some four decades. Not just briefly, but for an entire generation. The ‘We Care – We Solve’ ideology makes the motivation of our company absolutely clear. Safety and sustainability are the cornerstones of Beele Engineering’s corporate policy in this, and are embedded in the company’s mission. After all, when disaster strikes it is unannounced, and it’s precisely then that the safety measures must function – even after many years.

So in many respects Beele Engineering is an ‘outsider’. A company characterised on one hand by boundless optimism against all odds, and on the other by vision, knowledge, action and technical application. Sealing Valley is a good illustration of this: a large-scale, international knowledge centre for sealing technology. Nowhere in the world is there a technology centre which is comparable to Sealing Valley in terms of knowledge intensity, scope or specialisation.