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NOFIRNO sealant for bioproduct mill in Finland
In the Finnish town of Äänekoski a new manufacturing plant for bioproduct is under construction. The bioproduct mill is part of one of the world’s most efficient pulp mills with an annual production capacity of 1.3 million tonnes. NOFIRNO sealant by Beele Engineering was chosen to seal the joints in the concrete structure. This is the latest in a series of successes Beele Engineering has enjoyed in Finland within a short period of time.

bio-factory aanekoski-small.jpg The Aalten manufacturer’s sealant is part of its NOFIRNO system, which creates fire-resistant, gas-proof and smoke-proof seals in cable and pipe transits. The sealant is being used in the Finnish bioproduct mill to seal 1,500 metres of joints. The grey version of NOFIRNO sealant was chosen for use on concrete.

In addition to pulp, the new mill will produce a number of other bioproducts. This will generate more bioenergy than is used, so that no fossil fuels will be needed for powering the mill. This enclosed chemical loop minimises the emissions of chemical substances into the environment.

Making the choice for NOFIRNO sealant is due to its many positive properties, which include its resistance to sodium hydroxide (lye). This is used at various stages of the manufacturing process and can come into contact with the sealant used in the concrete joints.

The results of tests for NOFIRNO’s sodium hydroxide resistance were positive. As part of the NOFIRNO system, the sealant is also resistant to a large number of other external influences. Moreover, the system is fire resistant, gas-proof, smoke-proof and waterproof.