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NOFIRNO successfully tested to seal openings in floors and walls
The risk of falling is one of the most common causes of industrial accident. A fall through an opening in a workplace floor is no longer an exception. Openings, together with gaps and joints also form a natural flue in the event of a fire. This is all the more reason to seal these openings in such a way that they are not only safe to walk on but also offer the necessary protection in the event of fire. Beele Engineering had its NOFIRNO sealing system successfully tested by Peutz for fire-resistance when used as a sealant for openings, joints and gaps, in compliance with European Technical Approval Guidelines (ETAG) 026, part 3: Fire Stopping and Fire Sealing products: Linear Joint and Gap Seals.


The ETAG 026 guideline sets out the different requirements, assessment criteria and testing methods that are applied in the design and execution of fire-retardant and fire-resistant products. These products are intended to prevent the penetration of fire and/or smoke and by so doing raise the fire-safety of a building. Part 3 of the guideline focuses specifically on the application of products for openings and joints.

The test conducted by Peutz focused on the fire-resistance of the NOFIRNO system when used as a sealant in openings, joints and gaps in solid walls and floors or where floors and walls meet.

During the tests, the NOFIRNO system was inspected in a wide range of horizontal and vertical configurations: as a sealant for openings in walls, between walls, between wall and partition, between wall and floor or between two walls, in the floor or between wall and floor.

The Peutz test showed that where the wall was 100 mmm thick, the NOFIRNO system provided a reliable, fire-resistant seal in wall openings of between 20 and 60 mm lasting four hours. Where the wall was 200 mm thick, then openings of up to 300 mm can be sealed to resist fire reliably for four hours.

Its application in openings in floors was also tested. Where the floor was 200 mm thick, openings of up to 300 mm in the floor or between the wall and the floor can be reliably sealed to resist fire for four hours. The composition of the NOFIRNO system means the sealed openings can also be walked on without any risk of falling.