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Onshore success on watertightness
More and more companies turn to the Beele systems when it comes to watertightness. Water leakages must be prevented under all circumstances. After all, leaking water means not only a nuisance but in most cases damage as well. Corrosion damage caused by leaking cable and pipe entries runs into hundreds of millions of dollars per year. What is more, leaking entries can also allow gas to penetrate, leading to the potential threat of explosions. Most measures that are taken against water leakage are not 100% effective. For more than 35 years Beele Engineering is specialized in the field of watertightness and today offers a broad range of special-purpose products and systems. One of these systems is the RISWAT system ( The system can be applied both on new penetrations as well as leaking, existing conduits. More information on watertightness? Beele Engineering has published a new flyer on its watertight solutions recently. Copies of the leaflet can be ordered via