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New pipe inlets for onshore market

Obtaining water tightness of conduits in buildings and installations is an ever growing problem. The problem already starts with creating an opening in concrete for passing cables and pipes through. Too often a piece of plastic pipe is casted into the concrete. Most of these pipes get loose after hardening of the concrete.

To overcome these problems, Beele Engineering has developed an embedded pipe system with pipe inlets, that are exactly fitting for the SLIPSIL sealing plugs. The inlets are provided with a collar that acts as a water barrier and fixation into the concrete. The system comes with adjustment pipes that enable the installer to adjust the embedded pipe system to the width of the formwork for casting the concrete. The adjustment pipes fit at the back of the pipe inlet and can be cut to size at site. At the other side a pipe inlet will fit to enable application of the SLIPSIL plugs at both sides. The set of inlets and adjustment pipe can be fixed to the wooden plates of the form work with specially developed fixations. The system is very stable and the material used is impact resistant to cope with the load when the concrete is vibrated to density.