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Good results NOFIRNO sealing system during electrical resistance test

The electrical resistivity of the fire-safe sealing system NOFIRNO has been tested recently according to IEC 60093  ‘Methods of Test for Volume Resistivity and Surface Resistivity of Solid Electrical Insulating Materials’. The volume and surface resistivity of the NOFIRNO rubber are 2.43 x 1013 respectively 2.46 x 1013 W. The values for the NOFIRNO sealant are 9.23 x 1012 respectively 4.13 x 1012 W.

The electrical resistivity test was carried out for a foundry with furnaces that are electrically fed by busbars with a height of 25 cm. On several locations in the building where the busbars pass through walls, a fire-safe sealing of the penetration is required. To avoid short-circuiting the sealing system has to fullfil high requirements in terms of electrical resistivity. The NOFIRNO system is such a system.

The NOFIRNO rubber has excellent properties and will not be consumed by fire. Fire tests have shown that NOFIRNO rubber is able to withstand fire and thermal loads without showing any dramatic colour change or carbonization at the unexposed side. At the exposed side the sealant will form a protective layer and char ensuring that the sealing system will remain stable and not be consumed by fire. The NOFIRNO cable and pipe sealing has been tested successfully to harshest A-0, H-0 and Jet Fire tests. Even during such harsh fire exposures, the NOFIRNO rubber stays in place. NOFIRNO is the system of choice not only for H- and J-class pipe penetrations, but also for blast wall penetrations, due to the high grade of elongation of the NOFIRNO sealant.


The NOFIRNO system can be combined with the RISE and RISE/ULTRA sealing systems for the so called MULTI-ALL-MIX® technology. This technology is approved for passing cables, metallic and plastic pipes through the same penetration - a system that combines the optimum in simplicity and effectiveness.