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RISE is the system of choice for the fire safe and gas, smoke and watertight sealing of multi-cable and pipe penetrations.

The RISE system offers the most cost-effective way of installation. The system is easy to handle on site and can be used both for vertical (deck) and horizontal (bulkhead) conduit openings.
The severity of testing undergone world-wide by the RISE system is unmatched by any other system. On this basis it has been awarded certificates guaranteeing optimized fire safety.

RISE allows you to add or remove cables in a later stage without disassembling the whole penetration.

With RISE no pre-engineering is needed, no special conduit frames have to be used, there are no restrictions on cable types and sizes, insulation in front of the penetration is not needed ánd the system can be used for the shortest possible conduit length.

SLIPSIL, the new generation sealing plugs developed by BEELE Engineering, is designed to provide fire safe and gas and water tight seals for transits carrying single or multiple plastic or metal pipes.

Compared with other sealing plugs the SLIPSIL plug is even easier to install. The new design of the plug simplifies the installation and improves the tightness. The plugs can already be exposed to high pressures immediately after installation. Due to the new design much wider tolerances of ducted pipes and conduit sleeves can be adopted.

Optimized gas and water tightness is obtained by using the SLIPSIL sealing plugs in CSD embedded or flanged pipes. The sealing plugs also can be used in holes bored with diamond-tipped drills. The tolerances of the drilled hole should be within the tolerances of the plug series.

SLIPSIL offers the advantage of having one rubber type for most applications.