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New watertight sealing system for existing, leaking conduits
Beele Engineering has introduced a new sealing system that has been developed for the watertight sealing of existing, leaking conduits. The system, marketed under the name Aquastop, consists of a mouldable rubber and can be used for leaking penetrations in building and installations.

Aquastop mouldable rubber is made of a silicone polymer. This avoids that the ground water will be polluted when the inert material is used. The Aquastop rubber is very sticky and can be applied on wet surfaces. As the rubber is mouldable by hand, any desired shape required for the repair work can be moulded.

After sealing the leaking conduit with Aquastop, the mouldable rubber is dried. To obtain optimal mechanical stability and tightness over an extended service life, the Aquastop filling is finished with a 20 mm layer of NOFIRNO or DRIFIL sealant. As the DRIFIL sealant has a lower hardness and higher flexibility, this sealant is especially useful for installations where pipes are exposed to continuous vibration and movements.

Aquastop is complementary to the program watertight sealing systems that are offered by Beele Engineering. Among the other systems is the RISWAT system that is used in case the ground water can be pumped away outside the building. In those cases the existing conduit sealing system can be removed and replaced by the RISWAT system. In case the existing sealing system cannot be removed and the leakage occurs only during heavy rainfall, the RISWAT system can be applied against the wall during dry periods by using the split modular frames